St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame
St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame

Our History

Larry Bothwell

The St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame was established in November 2004. Mr. Larry Bothwell saw the need and began the process of making this dream become a reality. The first induction ceremony was held in January 2005. The hall of fame inducted twelve outstanding and well-deserved men. Each year, in the month of January, a banquet is held honoring the people newly inducted.


In March of 2013, the Sports Hall of Fame lost an icon with the death of our president and founder Larry Bothwell  As a member of the Alabama National Guard, Larry spent time on active duty in Iraq,  and while there, would think about all the people who had made an impact on his life. He had dreams and visions of starting a Sports Hall of Fame in St. Clair County in order to recognize the men and women who had meant so much to him through the years.
     Upon his return home to the United States, he turned those dreams and visions into a reality. This Sports Hall of Fame was founded by Larry, and established in November 2004. The first induction ceremony was held in January 2005.   Since its inception, there have been 79 men and women throughout the county inducted into this fine organization. Larry himself was inducted in the Class of 2010.
     Two weeks after Larry died, the Sports Hall of Fame officers and committee members met. Everyone present at this meeting knew it was very important to continue what Larry had started. We knew this is what he would have wanted us to do. To do that meant finding a new president. During the meeting, the committee nominated Gary Hanner to be the new president of the Sports Hall of Fame. Gary made a vow to the committee members present that he would carry on the dream and legacy Larry started.
     “Larry Bothwell was one of the hardest-working men I knew,” Gary said. “He was always doing something positive, whether it was at work, church, around the house, on the softball fields, basketball courts, or for this Sports Hall of Fame. He always had a smile on his face, and he loved this Sports Hall of Fame. There is no way I can ever fill Larry’s shoes, but I will work hard to keep this Sports Hall of Fame going for many years to come, because I know that’s what Larry would have done. It is an honor to be your president. Let’s work together to make this Hall of Fame stronger than ever.”