St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame
St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame

Our Board Members

The St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame Board Members also serve as the Selection Committe for new inductions.

Gary Hanner



Gary Hanner is associate editor of the  St. Clair Times. He was inducted into the HOF in 2010. He was the first member of the media to be inducted. After the untimely death of HOF president Larry Bothwell, the executive committee named Hanner the new president at its meeting in April 2013.

Neal Elders



Neal Elders is Vice-President of the HOF. He has been a member since the organization started in 2004. Elders has helped coach junior high basketball at Ashville for the past several years. He is owner of Elder’s Hardware in Ashville.

Brenda Riddle



Brenda Riddle is co-treasurer of the HOF. She was inducted into the HOF in 2010. She established the volleyball and softball programs at St. Clair County High School during her years of coaching and teaching. She also sponsored the cheerleaders and coached basketball. She currently serves as a member of the Odenville City Council.

Mike Sheffield



Mike Sheffield is was elected co-treasurer of the HOF in 2015. He was inducted into the HOF in 2012.

Kim Layton



Kim Layton is the secretary of the HOF. She is a paraprofessional and Volleyball Coach at St. Clair County High School, and the daughter of HOF member Brenda Riddle. While growing up in a sports centered family, she thought the sports pioneers in the county were world famous and enjoys honoring them today.

Ernest Bagley



Ernie Bagley serves on the executive committee of the HOF. He was inducted into the first class of the HOF in 2005. Bagley served many years as a coach, teacher and principal at Springville High School.

Bettye Bothwell



Bettye Bothwell has served on the HOF executive committee since it’s inception. She and her late husband, Larry Bothwell, worked tirelessly to bring the St. Clair County Sports Hall of Fame to fruition.

Arnold Keith



Arnold Keith was inducted into the HOF in 2009. After playing for and graduating from Springville High School, he has worked with the sports programs in Springville for many years.

Rookie Smith



Rookie Smith was inducted into the HOF in 2013. He is best known for being an umpire and referee in various sports since the 1980's.

Kim Harbuck Wiley



Kim Wiley was inducted to the HOF in 2008. As Softball coach at Moody High School she finished with a record of 227-87 in which 37 of her players received scholarships. Her team participated in six state tournaments finishing in 2nd and 3rd Place. They were the first 4A team in the state to go to fast pitch. Kim also coached volleyball and basketball, as well as serving as the cheerleading and dance team sponsor. She continues to teach at Moody High School.

Nickie VanPelt